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AKA SERIAL KILLER Masao Adachi festival de cine 2024

A unique section in the panorama of international festivals, a space that delves into the creative processes and development of the filmmakers participating in the Official Selection.In Espejos, previous films by these filmmakers, or by other authors who have influenced their work, are shown. In this way, the public can contextualize and understand the motivations and aesthetic keys of contemporary authors, establishing connections between past and present.

FILMADRID has made this section one of the pillars of its programming, following the firm conviction that it is necessary to change the structures and philosophy of film festivals, enhancing knowledge and in-depth reflection on the artists' works.

Official Section

Masao Adachi | 1969 | 86′

AKA: Serial Killer was the film that defined the “landscape theory” for which he is credited as one of the founders: the radical Marxist theory

2 Channel Land
Frank Sweeney| 2022| 15′
2 Channel Land’ is a north-western docu-fiction film exploring the history of analogue signals spilling across the borders of Ireland and Britain


All Still Orbit
Dane Komljen| 2016| 23′
‘All Still Orbit’ links together two apparently unrelated moments in the construction of Brasília: the dream by an Italian saint used to justify its creation and a small city built by the workers constructing
Dane Komljen y Gianna Scholten | 2023 | 26′
Projekt depicts the site of the International Trade Fair in Lagos as a transhistorical conglomerate of different perspectives by becoming itself a space of encounter and collaboration.
Fantasy Sentences
Dane Komljen y Gianna Scholten|2017| 17′
In a serene meditation on image-making and the slippery nature of storytelling, Dane Komljen ominously mingles anonymous home video footage with images of contemporary Ukraine’s desolate landscapes.
A Space Exodus
Larissa Sansour| 2008| 5′
A Space Exodus quirkily sets up an adapted stretch of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey in a Middle Eastern political context.
Nation Estate
Larissa Sansour| 2012| 9′

Nation Estate is a 9-minute sci-fi short film offering a clinically dystopian, yet humorous approach to the deadlock in the Middle East. 

In vitro

Larissa Sansour| 2019| 28′
In Vitro is a 2-channel Arabic-language sci-fi short filmed in black and white. It is set in the aftermath of an eco-disaster.
In the Future They Ate from the Finest Porcelain
Larissa Sansour| 2016| 29′

In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain resides in the cross-section between sci-fi, archaeology and politics.

As If No Misfortune Had Occurred in the Night
Larissa Sansour| 2022| 21′
As If No Misfortune Had Occurred in the Night presents a single aria is performed by Palestinian soprano Nour Darwish
Sofía Peypoch | 2023| 15′
The body travels into the night. The shadows produce voids in the memory and there the losses are practiced. The body observes itself while it portrays and represents itself; the camera is the body
Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich y Simone Leigh | 2022 | 24′
A tribute to the work of Black female artists, fusing filmmaking and sculpture into a poetic study of the manual labor that goes into making art.
Luiz Fernando Carvalho| 2001| 171′
São Paulo, 1940s. Pedro is on a mission to win back his brother André. André's estrangement is due to a domineering father, an overly affectionate mother and Pedro's jealousy of his father's favouritism.
Dane Komljen y Gianna Scholten | 2023 | 12′
Micki tries to numb her heartache. In vain. Cassi becomes real.Like two homopolar magnets charged with their traumas, they do not find each other this time either.

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