Do you like cinema? Collaborate with FILMADRID. Individuals, companies and funds have many ways to support us. Every contribution, big or small, is valuable, without you there is no FILMADRID!

As an international film festival, we believe in the power of film to show new perspectives and bring positive change to society. FILMADRID would not be possible without the support of the organizations and individuals who understand the value of this cultural project and are committed to it.

The management and production of the festival, the programmers and the entire team would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of them -sponsors, partners and patrons- for trusting us year after year.

FILMADRID began screening in 2015 film talents from all over the planet with works that generally do not reach theaters and this bet is also what solidified the festival's reputation in the state and international film scene and what continues to distinguish us today.The media attention the festival receives has positioned us as one of the great cultural events of the capital.

Being a member of FILMADRID offers many advantages. The image of the event is linked to a suggestive and accessible auteur cinema and to the figure of the restless and passionate spectator. We defend a film culture in movement and inclusive, closely linked to the city of Madrid. FILMADRID seeks partners not only for their financial support but also for their desire to innovate and support new forms of cultural management.

FILMADRID International Film Festival is one of the city's major cultural events, distinguished by a unique film program, the presence of a large audience at the festival and its support for the talent of emerging filmmakers. Its strong programming and broad scope make it a valuable option for companies and organizations. During the six days of the festival, MADRID becomes a bustling film city that attracts the attention of film professionals, local business people, seasoned cinephiles and younger film enthusiasts. A festival of this scale and ambition has been made possible in part thanks to our various funders and partners.

Edition after edition, we have progressively involved more public and the number of collaborating institutions has increased, so that each year the festival generates a greater socio-cultural and media impact.   

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10th Edition

11 – 16JUNIO 2023

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10th Edition

11 – 16 JUNIO 2024

Viernes 14 de Junio

Sábado 15 de Junio

Domingo 16 de Junio