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IX Edición / 2023

Cine Doré Filmadrid

A competition with the most daring and original works of the last year, all of them unpublished in Spain. Films of all lengths, genres, formats and nationalities participate. The Official Section of FILMADRID has become one of the key platforms for the discovery and promotion of contemporary talent in Spain. 

In previous editions Pedro Costa, Lav Diaz, Helena Wittmann, Bertrand Mandico, Ainhoa Rodríguez, Payal Kapadia, Sergei Loznitsa, Sandra Wollner, Sion Sono, Ted Fendt, Teresa Villaverde, Matías Piñeiro, Diana Toucedo, Alexe Poukine, Júlio Bressane, Nathan Silver, Kevin Jerome Everson, and Nicolas Klotz, among many others, have participated in this competition.  


of the Official Section

Psychology Counselor

Zenzo Sakai | 2021 | 42′
Six months pregnant, psychotherapist Mami Kurata is finishing up her last day of clinical sessions before beginning maternity leave...
Pátio do Carrasco
André Gil Mata | 2023 | 46′

“... so that past and future merged in one single present , the strange, terrible life of the Damned Yard” - Ivo Andric


Todos los sonidos entran adentro

Salka Tiziana | 2022 | 26′

In the heart of Madrid a ravaged forest lays calm in the aftermath of the storm. Shepherds, sheep and dogs roam among the branches of uprooted trees

A Date in Minsk

Nikita Lavretski | 2022 | 88′

Nikita and Volha have been maintaining a dysfunctional relationship for the past 8 years. In the following movie they play fictional Nikita and Volha who have only just met.


Ludwig Wüst | 2023 | 72′

I AM HERE! comienza en medio de un bosque, donde un hombre y una mujer, ambos de unos 50 años, se encuentran para buscar un lugar …

Lúa, techno y lo que queda de él

Carlos Baixauli | 2023 | 10′

You called me. I didn't recognise your voice. I can't remember your face. I can't even associate your name with my memories.

The Wild Duck

Nadja Ericsson | 2023 | 80′

Since both parents have passed on, only Hedvig and her older siblings live in the once-splendid, now-derelict family mansion.

The Temple Woods Gang

Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche | 2022 | 113′

A retired army man lives in the Temple Woods housing project outside Paris, where his young neighbor belongs to a local gang about to rob the convoy ...

A Woman Escapes

Sofia Bohdanowicz, Burak Çevik, Blake Williams | 2022 | 81′

Audrey Benac lives alone in Paris after having moved there to tend to the home of her recently deceased friend.


Tommaso Santambrogio | 2023 | 50′

Conduciendo por las calles de Cuba, Lav Diaz -el famoso director filipino- y Gustavo Flecha -un locuaz taxista cubano- discuten sobre política, emigración, …

O Canto das Amapolas

Paula Gaitán | 2023 | 107′

The sonorous visuality of the mother's voice. Evoking historical and affective landscapes .

El rostro de la Medusa

Melisa Liebenthal | 2022 | 75′

Marina's face suddenly changed. Like in a Kafkaesque nightmare, one day, in her thirties, her face ceased to be what it was.

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IX Edición
6 – 11 JUNIO 2023

Martes 6 de Junio

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