Every year volunteers help make Filmadrid a reality! During the festival, they support film screenings on more than 20 screens in the capital, accompany filmmakers and participate in other film-related activities. Join the team!

Volunteers are a key part of the organization of a film festival. Thanks to their work, the event can be carried out in a successful and enriching way for the audience and the participating filmmakers. You don't need any previous experience to be part of our team of volunteers.

FILMADRID is a meeting place for film enthusiasts from very diverse backgrounds, as well as a platform for openness and respect, so creating a safe environment where freedom of expression is guaranteed is essential. We want to make sure that all volunteers feel safe and included before and during the festival, so we create an environment free of any kind of intimidation, discrimination, sexism or other behaviors.

At FILMADRID volunteers can play a variety of roles where they can learn about the festival industry and make valuable connections with filmmakers, distributors and other film professionals. Their dedication and enthusiasm are key to creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for participants and audiences.

So if you are a film lover and want to get involved in the organization of a festival, join the volunteer team! Your work can make a big difference in the success of the event and will give you the opportunity to meet people who are passionate about film and culture.

Fill out this form to join the volunteer team. If you were a volunteer last year, we will contact you again in case you want to repeat the experience. 
Filmadrid festival internacional de cine
Filmadrid festival internacional de cine
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