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IX Edición / 2023

Un giorno in Barbagia Vittorio de Seta
Un giorno in Barbagia de Vittorio de Seta

A unique section in the panorama of international festivals, a space that delves into the creative processes and development of the filmmakers who participate in the Official Section. Mirrors shows previous films by these filmmakers, or by other authors who have influenced their work. In this way, the public can contextualize and understand the motivations and aesthetic keys of contemporary authors, establishing connections between past and present.

FILMADRID has made this section one of the pillars of its programming, following the firm conviction that it is necessary to change the structures and philosophy of film festivals, enhancing knowledge and in-depth reflection on the artists' works.

Official Section

24 hour party people
Michael Winterbottom | 2002 | 120′

Manchester, 1976. TV presenter Tony Wilson witnesses the first Sex Pistols concert in the city.

Liberate the Toy
Zenzo Sakai | 2011 | 16′

Two nurse friends try to help a patient, alleged victim of male violence. 


Ante Babaja | 1967 | 92′

Janica is a young woman who has just lost her daughter in childbirth. Her husband, Marko, is a womaniser and a hard character, and cares little for her.

Un giorno in Barbagia
Vittorio de Seta | 1958 | 11′
Against the backdrop of grazing herds, mules on dirt roads, tractors in the fields, strange figures in a deserted village
La canta delle marane
Cecilia Mangini | 1960 | 11′

A sensual and vibrant vision without euphemisms about the children of the Roman suburbs and their summer hobby, swimming in the ponds.

Ludwig Wüst | 2018 | 103′

A man leaves a woman, a woman leaves a man. Both meet for a short while. Great changes await them...

Cool (News from Belarus)

Nikita Lavretski, R. Jude, Pierre Leon, etc. | 2023 | 120′

In the first issue of the self-published cinematographic zine of Belarusian Cinema Konchenyy movement
A Wine-colored Sea
Nadja Ericsson | 2019 | 7′
At the bottom of the Baltic Sea lie thousands of naval mines left over from the world wars, threatening to detonate.

Al encuentro de un fuego fallero

Carlos Baixauli | 2023 | 20′

Sesión formada por Love Intervention y València en flames.

Notes on a Pine Forest
Nadja Ericsson | 2018 | 11′

This short film is based on films showing military exercises on the Baltic island of Gotland, from the 1930s to the present day.

Red Capriccio
Blake Williams | 2014 | 7′
Blake Williams’ tripartite, anaglyph found-footage film conflates the aesthetics of 18th- and 19th-century capriccio...
Histoire de Judas
Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche | 2015 | 109′

After a long period of withdrawal, Jesus rejoins the members of his community, accompanied by his disciple and steward, Judas.

A Topography of Memory
Burak Çevik | 2019 | 30′

Combines CCTV footage of urban Istanbul with audio of a family heading to vote in the controversial June 2015 Turkish general election

Los Océanos Son Los Verdaderos Continentes
Tommaso Santambrogio | 2019 | 20′

In San Antonio de Los Banos, a small town in the Cuba outback, a young couple is living their love story, made of small daily things and of their peculiar routine.

Memória da memória
Paula Gaitán | 2013 | 25′
In Memória da Memória the intention of the return to life of the images is different.
Point and Line to Plane
Sofia Bohdanowicz | 2020 | 17′

After loss comes the void. This is where we find Audrey (Deragh Campbell), a woman drenched in grief...

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IX Edición
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