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Qué es Filmadrid

Qué es filmadrid

FILMADRID International Film Festival is a film event with a careful selection of films from around the world, promotes cultural and artistic diversity with screenings, activities and encounters that explore new visual narratives and celebrate the passion for cinema.

Since its birth in 2015, FILMADRID has become a key festival on the national scene. Throughout its eight editions, the festival has been visited by national and international figures of great importance who have contributed to the discovery of new cinematographic forms, as well as to dialogue and learning about cinema. FILMADRID was a pioneer in open their Official Section to all genres, nationalities and formats and this competition has become an essential space for the discovery of young authors in Spain, creating opportunities for independent filmmakers and promoting the impact of their work.

One of the hallmarks of FILMADRID is its constant capacity for innovation. Following this non-conformist spirit, in 2021 an absolutely unprecedented model was created in the festival panorama with the creation of the Mirrors Sectiona space that delves into the creative processes and the development of the filmmakers participating in the Official Section.

Mirrors shows previous films by these filmmakers, or by other authors who have influenced their work. In this way, the public can contextualize and understand the motivations and aesthetic keys of contemporary authors, establishing connections between past and present.

FILMADRID has made this section one of the pillars of its programming, following the firm conviction that it is necessary to change the structures and philosophy of film festivals, enhancing knowledge and in-depth reflection on the artists' works. 

Another of FILMADRID's distinctive sections is Vanguardias Live where cinema and live experience come together. Each session of Vanguardias Live is a challenge for the filmmakers, but also for the festival itself, which hosts an event that has been taking shape over the months and whose result is only known when the day of the live presentation arrives. An unrepeatable experience that has a lot of experimentation and in which cinema expands touching other artistic media and other exhibition spaces.

Other sections such as The Video Essay in collaboration with MUBI dedicated to the reflection on the History of Cinema, or New Passages, New VisionsThe festival's identity is reinforced by the festival's new program, which seeks to illuminate the creators of the future. 

In 2023 FILMADRID has made an important leap in international relevance by becoming one of the world's leading founding members of SMART7The network of European festivals supported by the European Union's MEDIA Program, which includes six other prestigious international events: New Horizons International Film Festival (Poland), IndieLisboa International Film Festival (Portugal), Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece), Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania), Reykjavik International Film Festival (Iceland) and Kino Pavasaris International Film Festival of Vilnius (Lithuania).

FILMADRID is part of the network of Madrid film festivals Matrizthe state network Pantalla and the European network SMART7. It is the only festival in the city that obtains European subsidies, it also receives support from the Ayuntamiento de Madridand of the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA). The main venues of the festival are the Cine Doré – Filmoteca Española, Cineteca – Matadero, and La Casa Encendida.

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IX Edición
6 – 11 JUNIO 2023
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IX Edición
6 – 11 JUNIO 2023

Sábado 10 de Junio

Domingo 11 de Junio