Mier. 7 | 20:30 | Filmoteca
X.7 | 20:30 | Filmoteca
Official Section 2023

Todos los sonidos entran adentro

Salka Tiziana | 2022 | 26′
Todos los sonidos entran adentro Salka Tiziana sección oficial filmadrid 2023
In the heart of Madrid a ravaged forest lays calm in the aftermath of the storm. Shepherds, sheep and dogs roam among the branches of uprooted trees. Above them, the city resounds with birdsong and underneath we hear the murmurs of the herd. Old walls, new barriers enclose this territory. At night its borders dissolve on the hilltop. Under a black sky the contours of its inhabitants emerge. The land rings out and the city glimmers.
Spanish Premiere

Se proyecta con Taxibol

program information

Día: Miér 7 Junio
Hora: 20:30
Sede: Filmoteca
Todos los sonidos entran adentro Salka Tiziana sección oficial filmadrid 2023
Ficha técnica

Research/script, sound recording, editing
Salka Tiziana

Tom Otte

Julia Ábalos Reznak

Sound design
Jakob Spengemann

Sound mix
Felix Roggel

Visual effects
Wassili Franko

Color grading
Florian Staerk

Title design
Charlotte Gosch (Studio Other Types)

Produced by
Salka Tiziana and Tom Otte

With the participation of the urban flock and shepherds of Casa de Campo

Critical text

After her first full-length film, Tal día hizo un año in 2020 (which has a projection as a session of Pasajes FILMADRID in 2021), the Spanish-German filmmaker Salka Tiziana returns to shoot in Spain, this time in Madrid and without leaving the rural world that seems to be the natural place for her films. In Todos los sonidos entran adentro she creates an illuminated portrait of Casa de Campo as a space where opposing, but surprisingly not contradictory, forces meet: the countryside and the city, the animal and the machine, wild and domestic, freedom and oppression. With an observational capacity, very attentive to small details, the film finds its main harmony and skill in the exploration of looking at what is already known. In this case, a shepherding work that could be conventional if it were not for the fact that the environment gradually produces a strangeness that borders with sci-fi. This huge park next to the city appears with all its distinctive elements, the sheep, the amusement park, the zoo, the picnic areas, the remains of the civil war and even the cable car’s shadow and it is shown as a last bastion of the rural in Madrid, like a dream, an ecosystem of its own that seems to be able to live in balance with the ghost of the city that lurks, with its night lights, in the distance. NURIA CUBAS

salka tiziana


SALKA TIZIANA (1992) grew up between Berlin and Barcelona. She started her studies with Art History and Anthropology in Berlin and continued to study film in Hamburg and Buenos Aires. Her first feature film Tal día hizo un año (2020) was selected In Rotterdam, the Berlin’s Critics Week, Seville, and was screened as part of Pasajes FILMADRID.

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