Mier. 7 | 20:30 | Filmoteca
X.7 | 20:30 | Filmoteca
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Tommaso Santambrogio | 2023 | 50′
Taxibol Tommaso Santambrogio
Driving around the streets of Cuba, Lav Diaz – the famous Filipino director – and Gustavo Flecha - a talkative Cuban taxi driver – find themselves discussing politics, migration, social conditions and love; touching on many personal stories and experiences, they create an historical affresco of the conditions of their own countries.
Spanish Premiere

program information

Día: Miér 7 Junio
Hora: 20:30
Sede: Filmoteca
Taxibol Tommaso Santambrogio
Ficha técnica

Tommaso Santambrogio

Rosso Film, Chiotto Production

Ivan Casagrande Conti, Marco Malfi Chindemi, Tommaso Santambrogio

Executive Producer
Ivan Casagrande Conti

Cuban Executive Producer
Matteo Faccenda, Coralmente Film

Tommaso Santambrogio

Lorenzo Casadio Vannucci, Tommaso Santambrogio

Matteo Faccenda

Sound Design
Tommaso Barbaro

Set Designer
Edel Figueredo

Costume Designer and Make Up
Anisleidys Boza

First Assistant
Director Giselle García Castro

Lav Díaz, Gustavo Fleita, Mario Limonta, Mayra Mazorra, Armando Omar Pérez Pedroso

Critical text

In this unusual and inspiring film by Italian director Tommaso Santambrogio, the legendary Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz (whose first retrospective FILMADRID showed in 2015) is in Cuba teaching a film course. His guide and confidant is Gustavo, a taxi driver who has lived in Havana all his life. As they drive around the city, they share their visions of art, existence, and their intimate and collective pasts. It is then that the film dynamites its device and reinvents itself, opening itself to a lucid reflection on those wounds of history that are impossible to close, on the traces of colonialism and authoritarianism that remain all too vivid. Through precise compositions in lustrous black and white, Santambrogio captures the nuances of an unfathomable ethical and material darkness in a relentless portrait of the validity - albeit crouched in the shadows - of the eternal structures of power and oppression. Taxibol is the materialisation of an imaginative cinema that resists classification and discovers new narrative paths. A journey from kindness to cruelty, from the present to the bloodstained vestiges that still cloud the mind, in which we hear a speech that will never leave our memory: "Do you know what I will do? I'll shoot him in the head. I'll smash his head out. And I'll eat his brain. I'll eat his brain. That's a ritual that I'll do." JAVIER H. ESTRADA

Tommaso Santambrogio


Tommaso Santambrogio lived and studied in Milan, Paris, Roma and La Havana and he worked with several international acclaimed directors, like Werner Herzog and Lav Diaz. His last short movies (The Last Scene and The Oceans Are the Real Continents) were both presented at the Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia and in many other important Festival all over the world.

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