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Every year FILMADRID welcomes a large number of journalists and offers various services. On this page you will find important information for the media, our latest press releases, visual material related to the films and exhibitions and other FILMADRID news.

Download the press materials below. The files can only be used for articles in newspapers and magazines, for television programs and on websites related to the Festival or events at FILMADRID. The photographer of the image must always be mentioned.

We would love to receive a copy of your article. Please send a PDF or link to the email below or if you need more information, interviews and reports please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Belén López-Palop

Filmadrid festival internacional de cine

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Poster 2023 with dates

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IX Edición
6 – 11 JUNIO 2023

Martes 6 de Junio

Miércoles 7 de Junio

Jueves 8 de Junio

Viernes 9 de Junio

Sábado 10 de Junio

Domingo 11 de Junio