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Un giorno in Barbagia

Vittorio de Seta | 1958 | 11′
Un giorno in Barbagia Vittorio de Seta
Against the backdrop of grazing herds, mules on dirt roads, tractors in the fields, strange figures in a deserted village, a caption explains that "Barbagia is a vast region of Sardinia; Orgosolo, Oliena and Manoiana are shepherds' villages and the men live away most of the year with their herds. Therefore, the houses and children are left in the care of the women, who cut firewood, work the fields and prepare the bread, the shepherds' bread".

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Día: Miér 7 Junio
Hora: 12:30
Sede: LCE
Un giorno in Barbagia Vittorio de Seta
Ficha técnica

direction, subject, photography:
Vittorio De Seta

editing :
Vittorio De Seta, Fernanda Papa

Le Pleiad

Critical text

Vittorio de Seta is one of the greatest poets in cinema. He was a marginal filmmaker and the author behind the most important documentary saga in Italian cinema in the 1950s. In ten fascinating short films, this Palermo-born director chronicled the rural lifestyle of southern Italy in its constant course of work and days. The landscapes and civilians of Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria were depicted in images that combined a neorealist style with marvellous aesthetics and a serene lyricism. Un giorno in Barbagia (1958) shows the course of a working day in this Sardinian region at the foot of the Orgosolo mountain range where cattle raising is a tradition. Women and children in this region carry through their daily activities: simple routines that can be observed with the clarity and empathy of one who contemplates a world on the verge of disappearance. GABRIEL DOMÉNECH


Vittorio De Seta (Palermo, 1923) made his directorial debut with Pasqua in Sicilia, co-directed with Vito Pandolfi, and in 1954-55 shot six documentaries in Sicily. Among them Isola di fuoco won the first prize for documentary at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival and Contadini del mare won the Mannheim Film Festival in 1956. He made his feature film debut in 1961 with Banditi a Orgosolo. In the 1970s he switched to television, beginning a collaboration with RAI, which gave rise to the screenplay Diario di un maestro (1973). He died in 2011

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