Viernes 9 | 18:00 | Cineteca
V.9 | 18:00 | Cineteca
Official Section 2023

Lúa, techno y lo que queda de él

Carlos Baixauli | 2023 | 10′
Lúa, techno y lo que queda de él Carlos Baixauli
"You called me. I didn't recognise your voice. I can't remember your face. I can't even associate your name with my memories. You have become a blurred silhouette. You are no longer the real you, just a 'he': what's left of him." -Lúa thinks, losing her mind dancing to techno music.
/// Estreno Mundial

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program information

Día: Viernes 9 Junio
Hora: 18:00
Sede: Cineteca
Lúa, techno y lo que queda de él Carlos Baixauli
Ficha técnica

Noa Dahlander y Javier Domingo

Dirección y guión:
Carlos Baixauli

Jesús A. Vázquez

Dirección de arte:
Brigitte C. Fattah Marichal

Dirección de fotografía:
Andrés G. Coello

Víctor Berlín

Gerardo Castaños

Martín Jiménez, Luisa Romero y Jorge Domínguez

Esperanza Pineda e Isaac Bernárdez

Maquillaje y peluquería:
Ana Díaz Molero

Critical text

Carlos Baixauli, director, scriptwriter, video-essayist and performances’ creator is part of the true talent pool of Spanish cinema. A talent pool that is not publicized by the media, that does not attend nor is invited to major awards ceremonies, and that is not usually the object of thematic focus at festivals or of critical attention in specialized magazines. This is a generation of young filmmakers who are developing their careers mostly outside the industry, and whose creations respond to interests far removed from commerciality or the hackneyed patterns of mainstream auteur cinema. In this challenging and mysterious short film, Baixauli creates a universe based not in characters, but, in his own words, on objects, places and elements that became the representative of a plot that appears to us in a barely sketched form. The metaphorical and literal ghosts of a sentimental breakup are manifested in this film through elusive elements such as techno music, ink or fire. Motivated only at first as an audiovisual exercise for a university degree, Lúa, techno y lo que queda de él, filmed in glorious analog format, is a sample of the inventiveness of a filmmaker willing to set fire to conventionalisms and to explore, this time from fiction, new territories where creative rigor and overflowing imagination converge. GABRIEL DOMÉNECH

Carlos Baixauli


Carlos Baixauli Carlos Baixauli has studied film at the Camilo José Cela University and is finishing the MasterLAV course in 2023. He has worked on Spanish series for Disney+, Atresmedia and Movistar+. He currently collaborates with the Val del Omar Archive and film festivals such as Márgenes.

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