Jueves 8 | 13:00 | LCE
J.8 | 13:00 | LCE
Mirrors 2023

Memória da memória

Paula Gaitán | 2013 | 25′
Memoria da memoria Paula Gaitán
In Memória da Memória the intention of the return to life of the images is different. It is more of an inner journey, halfway between notes or notes, about the very act of filming and feeling filmed.
Spanish Premiere

program information

Día: Jueves 8 Junio
Hora: 13:00
Sede: LCE
Memoria da memoria Paula Gaitán
Ficha técnica

Dirección, producción:
Paula Gaitán

Ava Rocha, Eryk Rocha, Maíra Senise, Paula Gaitán, Rodrigo Amin, Vinícius Quintella

Critical text

Paula Gaitán’s short film, Memory’s Memory from 2013, begins with a sequence of photographs to the rhythm of Viktor Tsoi's Russian rock. The next thing we see is a shot of the director filming herself in the mirror years ago with a Super 8. This is the starting point for what it will draft as a double exercise in recollection, in which Gaitán herself relates to the images of the past and, at the same time, shares them with her family in the present. The filmmaker explores her family history through homemade videos. Gaitán’s family’s history is marked by the texture of the environment itself and where music (by Nick Drake, Sonic Youth, or Sufjan Stevens) has a key role and alternating dialogues of those who see and comment on the images at that very moment. As a meta-cinematographic experiment, Gaitán films the screening of these videos from her younger years, thus capturing not only the images themselves but also the reception of these images by their closest viewers. Meanwhile, the distant audience (us) observes through a peephole her most intimate reality of the family. Chaining glances intertwine through memory. There is also a reflection on the act of filming to capture the essence of a time spiralling (that of memory) and that manifests itself in the bodies, faces, and voices of those who are part of who we have been and who we are nowadays. DANIELA URZOLA

Paula Gaitán


Paula Gaitán, Colombian-Brazilian filmmaker born in Paris in 1954. She currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She is also a visual artist, photographer and poet. Her first experience in film was as art director of the Cinema Novo classic A Idade da Terra (The Age of the Earth), 1978. She directed her first feature film, Uaká, ten years later. Since then, she has directed dozens of feature films, videos, TV series and installations, including Luz nos Trópicos (2020), which screened at FILMADRID.

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