Jueves 8 | 13:00 | LCE
J.8 | 13:00 | LCE
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A Wine-colored Sea

Nadja Ericsson | 2019 | 7′
A Wine-colored Sea Nadja Ericsson
At the bottom of the Baltic Sea lie thousands of naval mines left over from the world wars, which threaten to detonate. The sea itself is also threatened by heavy pollution. By studying its changes, it is possible to predict what will happen to other oceans in the future. A Wine-Colored Sea" is a poetic and associative odyssey through the Baltic Sea, where demining divers search for mines, dolphins thrive and algae blooms cause color changes in the water. The film focuses on themes such as vision, illness, threats and the differences between description, representation and experience. Through the text speaks an ambiguous "we", an underwater collective voice.

Espejo de: The Wild Duck

Spanish Premiere

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Día: Jueves 8 Junio
Hora: 13:00
Sede: LCE
A Wine-colored Sea Nadja Ericsson
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Nadja Ericsson

Critical text

Filmmaker Nadja Ericsson premiered her first feature film, The Wild Duck/Vildanden, at the last edition of the prestigious Rotterdam Festival. However, her career began several years earlier, at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Malmö (Sweden), from which she graduated in 2020. Discovering the short films she made during her formative years means approaching a creator with a vast range of concerns and expressive resources. If in her debut feature film the center of interest is occupied by the transposition of an original by Henrik Ibsen through an intense work with the text and with the elements of staging and recording, Nadja Ericsson's short films show a singular reworking of found footage with which to investigate the folds of memory and the natural landscape (elements, on the other hand, already present in The Wild Duck). Notes on a Pine Forest (2018) assembles fragments of military recordings with excerpts from the poet Francis Ponge to articulate a reflection on the gaze. A Wine-colored Sea (2019) dives, instead, into the depths of the Baltic Sea, again contrasting archival images with a voice over that seems to represent all the inhabitants of the seabed. In these two short works, Ericsson transcends the coldness that could emerge from images of institutional use to give way to disturbing or sublime forms of poetry. GABRIEL DOMÉNECH

A Wine-colored Sea Nadja Ericsson


La artista y cineasta Nadja ERICSSON (1989, Suecia) es licenciada en Bellas Artes por la Academia de Arte de Malmö y se graduará en 2020. En su práctica artística, trabaja con vídeo y películas para cine e instalaciones. Escribió el guión y dirigió su primer largometraje, The Wild Duck (Vildanden) en 2023, inspirado en la obra de Henrik Ibsen de 1884, con presupuesto cero.

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