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Gorana Jovanović | 2022 | 23′
Balls Gorana Jovanović
Football stadiums have long been the designated places for the escalation of conflicts and every incident during a football match makes for a fire-starting headline. Meanwhile, the armies of six former Yugoslav republics have been getting together every year for over a decade, for a futsal tournament in the name of peace, in almost complete media silence.
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Día: Domingo 16 Junio
Hora: 10:30
Sede: LCE
Balls Gorana Jovanović


Gorana Jovanovic is a filmmaker from Belgrade. After graduating from the University of Westminster, Gorana worked as a script consultant and writer on several feature and short film projects, before starting to produce her own films. Before Balls (Lopte, 2022), she wrote, directed, produced and edited the short fiction films, Mir (2021) and EFA Short Film Candidate, Armadila (2020)

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