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IX Edición / 2023

Filmadrid festival internacional de cine

This section is dedicated to the work of European filmmakers who produce in short format and from geographic locations where developing films is especially complicated due to the fragility of their industries.

Nuevos Pasajes / Nuevas Visiones is the ideal space to approach a courageous and committed European cinema, which shows diverse realities and is committed to the search for new forms of audiovisual expression.

Vuelta a Riaño

Miriam Martín | 2023 | 15′

Images taken from the ground versus images taken from the sky. Words from neighbours and supporters versus official speeches.

An Ode to a Loved Bread

Neema Ngelime | 2022 |11′
The film examines from a playful and creative perspective the director's time at a colonial legacy boarding school.

nuevos pasajes
nuevas visiones

Princess Beauty

Eszter Szabó | 2021 | 2′

The title of this animation by Hungarian artist Eszter Szabó refers to Aliz Mosonyi’s poem, which is a tale about a girl with tulips in her hands
Can’t Help Myself
Anna Ansone | 2022 |19′
In this brilliant and at times comic study of summer tribulations, Estere fills her time with guided meditation online sessions and self-help audiobooks.
Bonding Humanity (Perhaps Manifesto)
Nina Bačun | 2021 | 11′
This film was created by deliberately rearranging and juxtaposing fragments from New Yugoslav Film related to the interaction between collective spaces and their use.
My Home
Azar Saiyar | 2022 | 12′
Fragmented memories of childhood and adulthood blend together in a song that an unknown narrator is humming.

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IX Edición
6 – 11 JUNIO 2023
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IX Edición
6 – 11 JUNIO 2023

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