Mier.7 | 11:00 | LCE
X.7 | 11:00 | LCE
Mirrors 2023

Point and Line to Plane

Sofia Bohdanowicz | 2020 | 17′
Point and Line to Plane Sofia Bohdanowicz
After loss comes the void. This is where we find Audrey (Deragh Campbell), a woman drenched in grief, asking objects around her for coincidence and comfort. Immersed in a state of profound mourning, her perception seems to be deceitful and is suddenly enhanced. Meanings start to appear from every corner of experience and, through the works of Hilma af Klint and Wassily Kandinsky, she starts feeling a true connection with those who are now gone. Colour and texture begin to speak. Is it a process of magical thinking? Or are paintings really a portal between worlds? Point and Line to Plane is more of a movement than meditation, it is a materialization of the sensorial nature of sorrow.

Espejo de: A Woman Escapes

program information

Día: Miér 7 Junio
Hora: 11:00
Sede: LCE
Point and Line to Plane Sofia Bohdanowicz
Ficha técnica

Directed by
Sofia Bohdanowicz

Deragh Campbell

Chingiz Osmanov, Melanie Scheiner, and Liza Glazunova

Produced by
Sofia Bohdanowicz, and Calvin Thomas

Camera by
Sofia Bohdanowicz

Edited by
Sofia Bohdanowicz

Orginal Score
Stefana Fratila

Re-Recording Mixer
Lucas Prokaziuk

Critical text

Art’s healing power is at the epicenter of Point and Line to Plane. The works of Swedish artis Hilma af Kling and Russian Wassily Kandinsky ease the grief of a young woman who had lost one of the pillars of her life. Between intimate diary and fiction, the protagonist wanders through museums and cities, reversing the inner darkness by filling herself with sublime stimuli. Bohdanowicz shot the film with her iPhone and then filmed these images in 16 mm from a computer screen, achieving a texture of multiple nuances. JAVIER H. ESTRADA

Sofia Bohdanowicz


SOFIA BOHDANOWICZ (Toronto, 1985) is an MFA graduate of York University’s Film Production program, an alumni of Berlinale Talents as well as the TIFF Talent Accelerator. Never Eat Alone (2016) was her debut, a later directed Maison du Bonheur (2018) and MS Slavic 7 (2019), which she co-directed with Deragh Campbell, presented at the Berlinale, competing as well in FILMADRID’s Official Section.

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