Viernes 9 | 20:30 | Filmoteca
V.9 | 20:30 | Filmoteca
Official Section 2023

Pátio do Carrasco

André Gil Mata | 2023 | 46′
Pátio do Carrasco André Gil Mata
“... so that past and future merged in one single present , the strange, terrible life of the Damned Yard” - Ivo Andric

Espejo: Breza

Spanish Premiere

Projected together with Psychology Counselor

program information

Día: Viernes 9 Junio
Hora: 20:30
Sede: Filmoteca
Pátio do Carrasco André Gil Mata
Ficha técnica

André Gil Mata

Pedro Fernandes Duartes, Primeira Idade, André Gil Mata, Frederico Lobo, João Vladimiro, Luís Palito, Rua Escura, Marta Lima, Agente A Norte

André Gil Mata

Frederico Lobo

André Gil Mata, Cláudia Ribeiro, Fabiano Mota Teixeira

Rafael Cardoso

Main Actors
André Gil Mata, António Júlio, Catarina Lacerda, David Almeida

Critical text

There are only a few films that have the ability to sublimate, that is, that show such an spectacular solidity on the screen and leave a gaseous sensation on the retinas. Pátio do Carrasco is one of them. You can feel in your fingers the texture of all the walls, the wrinkles of each cloth and the skin consistency of each character, but there is a delicateness in the image that turns everything that has been touched into ethereal. Inspired by the story Un Fratricide by Franz Kafka, the new medium-length film by the renowned Portuguese filmmaker André Gil Mata, is a careful and atypical thriller that bases its mystery on the exchange of glances, enhanced thanks to temporal repetition. Who is looking at whom? Who is the victim, who is the executioner and who is the accomplice? Located in just a few square meters, in different houses around the Pátio do Carrasco, the characters are enveloped by a dense and dark atmosphere, where the fear historically associated with the square itself, catalyzes in the character of Schmar. The fear and anguish of this character will be what definitively guides him towards crime, a fear and anguish born from pleasure. A crime as an instant of sovereignty. NURIA CUBAS

André Gil Mata


ANDRÉ GIL MATA Director, screenwriter, actor and cinematographer (São João da Madeira, Portugal). He studied mathematics, photography and theater. In 2008, founded the photography and cinema lab Átomo47 and the film production company Bando à Parte. In 2010 he was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus. “Arca d’Água”(2009), the debut film received several awards and was selected for international festivals. “House”(2010) his second-short, premiered at IndieLisboa’01.

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