Sábado 10 | 18:00 | Cineteca
S.10 | 18:00 | Cineteca
Official Section 2023


Ludwig Wüst | 2023 | 72′
I AM HERE! Ludwig Wüst sección oficial 2023
I AM HERE! begins in the middle of a forest, where a man and a woman, both about 50, meet to search for a place where they buried something a very long time ago. The two have not seen each other for many years. As they once did as children, they search for a secret and lose their way. A deeply buried trauma comes to light.

Espejo: Departure

Spanish Premiere

program information

Day: Saturday 10 Junio
Hora: 18:00
Sede: Cineteca
I AM HERE! Ludwig Wüst sección oficial 2023
Ficha técnica

Directed and written by
Ludwig Wüst

Produced by
Maja Savic

Klemens Koscher

Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer

Sound Design
Josef Umschaid

Samuel Käppeli

Markus Schramm, Martina Spitzer

Supported by
BMKÖS, Stadt Wien MA7, Land Niederösterreich

Critical text

A scream bursts into the middle of the forest. What seemed to be a peaceful environment suddenly becomes the receptacle of past trauma and wounds of two childhood friends who meet again in this place to find a treasure hidden decades ago. Digging up takes on a double meaning in I AM HERE! a film about the passage of time and the bonds that we forge or demolish with it. As is often the case in Ludwig Wüst’s films, this one is filmed in 16 mm and it's characterized by a depuration of elements to their minimum: few characters and settings, a leisurely pace, and an emphasis on the naturalness of the action. Through subtle movements, the camera observes the subjects-in-the-environment, finding a balance between the ways of filming one and another. The Austrian filmmaker succeeds in making his characters merge with nature, thus allowing the contrasts found in this overlapping to appear: inside and outside, past and present, storm and stillness. And so on, between silences and carefully constructed dialogs, the essence of the individual arises; their longing to find something beyond the self, to deconstruct the past and rebuild themselves from the dust. But, above all, the possibility of finding and recognizing oneself again in the present, freed from the ghosts another time, whether past or future. DANIELA URZOLA

Ludwig Wüst


Ludwig WüstBorn in Bavaria, lives and works in Vienna since 1987. Studies from 1987 to 1990 in acting and singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Since 1990 director, author, actor. More than 40 productions for theater and opera in Vienna, Leipzig, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Since 1999 filmmaker.

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