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24 hour party people

Michael Winterbottom | 2002 | 120′
24 hour party people Michael Winterbottom
Manchester, 1976. TV presenter Tony Wilson witnesses the first Sex Pistols concert in the city. It was to be his inspiration for the creation of a record label, Factroy, and a cool and weird gig venue, The Hacienda, whose success was to be similar to Studio 54. Music, sex, drugs and quirky characters in the fast-paced and exciting story of the spectacular rise and fall of Manchester's Factory Records, birthplace of bands such as Joy Division, New Order and the Happy Mondays.

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Día: Martes 6 Junio
Hora: 12:00
Sede: LCE
24 hour party people Michael Winterbottom
Ficha técnica

Michael Winterbottom

Frank Cottrell Boyce

Andrew Eaton

Chris Coghill, Steve Coogan, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Sean Harris

Critical text

I saw this film when I was 13 and it marked me. I became obsessed with a passionate and devoted fanaticism that only happened to me at that time in my life, mainly with music. But this film felt like mine. It was something about the humour of that protagonist, Tony Wilson, talking to the camera. The whole form of the film is inspired by the idea of a TV show, with a host guiding us, and this overlaps with the fact that this is the métier of the protagonist and also of the real person on whom the character is based. The Tony Wilson of the film is both intelligent and half-witted, a genius and yet ridiculous. "He took himself seriously in a way that is totally impossible to take seriously." The tone blew my mind. The universe the film narrated also fascinated me: Manchester's underground music scene, from punk to electronic music to rave culture. The music and its creators were fundamental places of identification for me, as for so many teenagers. That mixed with the imaginary of nightlife, partying and drugs ended up dazzling me. Finally, there is the formal aspect of the film and its difficult to classify nature. The film takes what it can from documentary and fiction and mixes it shamelessly, close to a collage idea. The film conveys a freedom and a spirit of playfulness that appealed to me. At the time I wasn't aware of the formal aspect, but today I can see that some of that cheekiness marked me. The humour was not only in the characters, in the tone of the acting and the dialogue, but also in the form and the approach to the materials. MELISA LIEBENTHAL  *Text based on an article published in the Argentinean newspaper Página 12

Michael Winterbottom


Michael Winterbottom, born 29 March 1961 in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. He studied at Oxford, Bristol and London. He began his career in British television before moving into film. He made his directorial debut with two documentaries on Ingmar Bergman. Winterbottom is one of the most versatile filmmakers in contemporary European cinema.

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