FILMADRID returns with its suggestion renewing the film d'auteur festival panorama: the ninth edition will be held from 6th to 11th June

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FILMADRID returns with its suggestion renewing the film d'auteur festival panorama: the ninth edition will be held from 6th to 11th June

Madrid, May 11th, 2023.- The ninth edition of FILMADRID, International film Festival, will be held from 6th to 11th June 2023, at three benchmark theatres in the capital city -La Casa Encendida, Cine Doré-Filmoteca Española and Cineteca-Matadero-, keeping one more year the innovative model of the program.

May 12, 2023
  • El rostro de la medusa will inaugurate the competition “Official Section”, made up of twelve titles, all of them new in Spain, which, one more year, will be screened with their “Mirrors” works.
  • For the first time, the festival will count on the competition “THE SURPRISES OF THE EUROPEAN FILM. SMART7”, made of premiering European works, after FILMADRID joined the European festivals association SMART7, at the beginning of the year.
  • The date will take place at three benchmark theatres in the capital city: La Casa Encendida, Cine Doré-Filmoteca Española and Cineteca-Matadero.


FILMADRID, which is a yearly event, brings films to Madrid which even if they cover all sort of formats, genres, and durationsthough, (something pioneering among the Spanish festivals), have a common point: they are works with a strong auteur nuance and because of their quality, they get a wide journey at international festivals all over the world.

FILMADRID is then strengthened as the benchmark festival of the city that is looking to change the panorama of the current film d’auteur festivals boosting an international films unknown by now in Spain..

The festival counts on competing sections for which different judges have teamed up, with international personalities of the cinema, who are in charge of choosing the winners. At this edition, competing sections will be: ‘Official Section’, made of international premiering projections, and for the first time, “THE SURPRISES OF THE EUROPEAN FILM. SMART7”, European premiering works.

El rostro de la medusa opens FIILMADRID 2023

One more year, films from the “Official Section”, which will be screened in the evenings, are accompanied by their ‘Mirrors’morning sessions on which previous works from their auteurs or other creators who had some influence for their work creationwill be exhibited. This way, the creative processes of the competing filmmakers are deepened, in a new model of competition in the context of festivals.


El rostro de la medusa de Melisa Liebenthal


El rostro de la medusaby the Argentinian filmmaker Melisa Liebenthal, will be the title charged of inaugurating the festival, it will do so on Tuesday 6th June at 20:30, in the Cine Doré, venue of the Filmoteca Española. After being awarded at the Berlinale, it will be the first time this tape will be able to be seen in Spain. The projection will be accompanied, that same morning, by the exhibition of the iconic 24 hour party people, by the British Michael Winterbottom.

Among the rest of titles that are part of the official competition there are tapes like the great winner at DocLisboa A Date in Minskby Nikita Lavretski, with its mirror Cool (News from Belarus); the uncommon thriller Pátio do Carrascoby the reknown Portuguese filmmaker André Gil Mata, who dialogues with the classic of the Yugoslavian cinema Breza, by Ante Babaja, or the new work from the Hispanic-German Salka Tiziana, who films again in Spain, Todos los sonidos entran adentro, which will be put in the same context with the Italians La canta delle marane and Un giorno in Barbagia, by Cecilia Mangini and Vittorio de Seta, respectively.

The worldwide premiere of the short film in an analogic format, Lúa, techno y lo que queda de élby the Spanish young Carlos Baixauli, will also be projected, which will be followed by its previous work, Al encuentro de un fuego fallero; the premiere in Spain of Psychology Counselorby the Japanese Zenzo Sakai, and its mirror Liberate the Toy, by the same author, on its international premiere; I AM HERE!a film about the time pass, followed by Departure, of Ludwig Wüst, from Austria, and the Swedish The Wild Duckby the filmmaker Nadja Ericsson, who will have her films A Wine-colored Sea and Notes on a Pine Forest as mirrors.

The film about grief, A Woman Escapesby Sofia Bohdanowicz, Burak Çevik and Blake Williams, completes the ‘Official selection’, which will compete on the Mirror Section against the feature films Red Capriccio, by Blake Williams, Topography of Memory by Burak Çevik and Point and Line to Plane, by Sofia Bohdanowicz; The Temple Woods Gangin which the French Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche pays tribute to the black cinema and will also bring his film Histoire de Judas; the Italian Taxibolby the filmmaker Tommaso Santambrogio, which is related to his short film Los océanos son los verdaderos continentes, and the international premiere O Canto das Amapolasby Paula Gaitán, who will present her work Memória da memoria as her mirror.

The winning film will be granted 3000 euros from the UCJC Great Prize for best film at FILMADRID 2023 Official Section awarded by the University Camilo José Cela..

FILMADRID 2023 also includes ´The Video Essay´an online section for video essays. New Passages, New Visionsjoins the sections, made of shorts from European female filmmakers, and Vanguards Live,which will gather cinema and multidisciplinary performance at non-conventional spaces.

You can check the complete program and all the information of the films at FILMADRID web page:

Festivals Net SMART7

Since the beginning of the year, FILMADRID belongs to SMART7, the association of seven European festivals that share goals and similar perspectives which will coordinate industrial and cultural development strategies.

SMART7 has a collaboration regarding the program that stablishes a competing section in which all of the festivals of the net are participating. The competition “THE SURPRISES OF THE EUROPEAN FILM. SMART7” of FILMADRID 2023 will count on the films Black Stone (Greece); Bread & Salt (Poland); India (Portugal); Mammalia (Romania); Mannvirki (Island); Remember to Blink (Lithuania), and Secaderos (Spain).



For more than 10 years ago, the Asociación Cultural Pasajes de Cine works to approach the cinema culture to the city town of Madrid through conferences, colloquia, courses, workshops, exhibitions, and projections. In 2015, it decided to take one step forward and bet for taking this content to the festival format. That is how FILMADRID, International Film Festival, is born. The team program of FILMADRID is made of devoted filmmakers, critics and theorist charged of making the selection of films that must meet the condition, at least, of being premieres in the city town of Madrid, although they mostly are national premieres and even international premieres. FILMADRID is part of MATRIZ, Red de Festivales de Cine de Madrid, and the National Federation of Coordinators at Film Festivals and Audio-visual Contents, PANTALLA. These two alliances are an improvement on the visibility of FILMADRID and on the private funding expectation within Spain and Madrid.

FILMADRID counts on the European help CREA MEDIA FESTNET and the support of the Cinema and Audio-visual Arts Institute (ICAA) and the city council of Madrid; with the sponsorship of the University Camilo José Cela, the special contribution of the Cultural Forum of Austria and the Goethe Institut, the contribution of Cineteca Bologne, Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, University Complutense de Madrid, Lens Escuela de Artes Visuales, EFTI, ECAM, DARUMA and BARRÓN – M.


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IX Edición
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