Javier H. Estrada: “In Olaf Möller we have found a master and a reflection of our inquisitiveness”

For the FILMADRID programming team, Olaf Möller has always been a unique and inexhaustible source of inspiration. No other critic or curator has established such an intense connection with us. In Olaf we have found a master and a reflection of our inquisitiveness: not to discriminate any cinematography, not to marginalize any genre, not to forget any period of the History of Cinema. Investigate, search under the stones, remain permeable to the most eccentric and unprecedented proposals. At the same time, always question what is fashionable, especially the domesticated author’s cinema, the false prophets that abound in the great festivals. We have a common impulse: the unlimited curiosity to discover a cinema that allows us to better understand the world and ourselves. For this reason in the second edition of FILMADRID we did not hesitate to include one of its statements in the last page of the catalog: “The battle is on the big screen, nowhere else”. As the editions have passed, we have been lucky to meet other mentors and add their words (those of Júlio Bressane, Jonas Mekas…), but the presence of Olaf Möller has remained intact, almost as a lighthouse that guides the festival.

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Olaf belongs to that human tradition practically extinguished in our days: the ‘being of light’, a true transmitter of knowledge. He understands sharing his vision of cinema as a way of life. He does it passionately, generously, and often disinterested. Since the first edition of FILMADRID we have thought about inviting him, but at the same time we wanted to find the most appropriate circumstances. At last, this is the year. Olaf will teach a seminar about the New American Cinema Group, four days to learn and discuss with him the birth of independent American cinema. For us it will be the reunion with a friend, this time in Madrid. This is a really important fact: it is the first time that this essential figure of film criticism and programming collaborates with a Spanish festival, and the first time he visits our city. His articles have been published in major publications (Sight & Sound, Film Comment, Cinema Scope…) and his programs have been seen in the boldest festivals, such as Rotterdam and Locarno.

For the audience of FILMADRID it is a unique opportunity. If you attend his classes or if you simply talk to him at the exit of the screening room, I am sure that your day will end full of learning and excitement for cinema.

Javier H. Estrada (Head of programming FILMADRID)

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*It will be taught in English with Spanish translation

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