FILMADRID 2nd Edition: 33 films to competition, 16 premieres in our country, tribute to Chantal Akerman, Sokurov and Skolimowski in the opening and closure of the festival, and more parallel activities opened to the public

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FILMADRID 2nd Edition: 33 films to competition, 16 premieres in our country, tribute to Chantal Akerman, Sokurov and Skolimowski in the opening and closure of the festival, and more parallel activities opened to the public

  • From the 2nd to the 11th of June, FILMADRID will fill the capital again with films coming from all over the world, with the projection of more tan 60 productions, 33 racing in the competition sections.
  • The festival will be inaugurated with the coproduction Francofonia by the Russian Aleksandr Sokurov, and the Polish Jerzy Skolimowski will close it with 11 minutes. There will also be a tribute to Chantal Akerman.
  • FILMADRID will extend its parallel activities about the Seventh Art, and opened to the public. This edition will include and exhibition of audiovisual works under the name of Iconic Nigthmares (Neomudéjar Room, from the 1st to the 12th of June), and a tour around the cinematic Madrid, visiting places already iconic in the Spanish cinema.
  • Academic activities: the prestigious American critic Jonathan Rosenbaum will offer a course in Spain for the first time, and the 8y1/2 library will host encounters with filmmakers every morning. There will also be an analogic cinema workshop in cooperation with La Casa Encendida.
  • The Spotligth section will be devouted to internationally relevant filmmakers who are not usually present in Madrid theaters. Retrospectives of Júlio Bressane, Pietro Marcello and Boris Lehman will be offered here.
  • Vanguardias Live will bring out cinema to the streets, with the performances of Spanish filmmakers Javier Rebollo, Lluís Miñarro and Luis López Carrasco and the Japanese Takashi Makino.
  • The section Passages of Cinema is back, with its goal to impulse new names in the Spanish cinema. The works of 13 young filmmakers will be proyected

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Francofonia by the Russian Aleksandr Sokurov, will be the film to open the festival.

Madrid, May 9th 2016.– Less than a moth from the beggining of the second edition of FILMADRID, all the details of its sections and activities have been presented on a press conference. FILMADRID, the International Film Festival of Madrid, will bring back, from the 2nd to the 11th of June, a selection of international autor cinema with the proyection of more than 60 films coming from all over the world. Thirty of them will race in the two competition sections, Official and Avant- Garde, and the rest will be shown in non competition sections and special projections.

After a first edition, in wich around 3.000 people attended to the projections and activities, FILMADRID strikes again with a repertoire of films that the public of Madrid will watch in the city for the first time, films amog which we can find 3 global premieres and 16 projected in Spain for the first time.

The FILMADRID directors Fernando Vílchez y Nuria Cubas, have made a detailed presentation of the protagonist’s names for this years, and each of the sections and activities that compose this 2nd edition, with special emphasis on the new proporsals for this second year. In this presentation, they had the company of cinema producer Gonzalo Salazar­-Simpson, director of the ECAM, (Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid’s School of Audiovisual and Cinematography), an institution cooperating with the Festival, which will give the ECAM Award this year to the winner of the Passages of Cinema section, and filmmaker Luis López Carrasco (The Future, The Children Collective),who will participate with an audiovisual performance in the Vanguardias Live section.

For the inauguration and closure, FILMADRID will count on two films, acclaimed by both criticts and public. Francofonia by the Russian Aleksandr Sokurov and 11 minutes by the Polish Jerzy Skolimowski.

As for special projections out of competition, FILMADRID will bring in the last creations of three emblems of cinema: Americans Thom Andersen and Frederic Wiseman, and Belgian Chantal Akerman, who passed away last year, and whom FILMADRID wants to pay tribute this way.

Another novelty announced in the press conference has been the organitation of two new parallel activities opened to the public: an exhibition with unknown video installations from 5 artists -Lyric De La Cruz (Philippines), Robinson Díaz (Peru), Luis E. Parés (Spain), The Weigthless (Mexico) and Pablo Useros (Spain) that the public can visit at the Neomudéjar room, under the name Iconic Nigthmares; and an open tour around a cinematic Madrid, focusing on those places that appear in films shot in the city.

Both Nuria Cubas and Fernando Vilchez, directors of FILMADRID, face this new edition with the same excitement than the previous one, confident due to the great reception of the previous year. “We believe that, in this new edition, we have even improved the festival’s quality, with internationally relevant names, as well as the presence of Jonathan Rosenbaum, teaching a course for the first time in our country. Despite this, we don’t forget our goal to impulse new Spanish creators, taking special care of sections like Passages of Cinema and Vanguardias Live”. Furthermore, they add “the inclusion of the whole city has special relevance in this edition, with the parallel activities like the exhibition at the Neomudéjar and the tour around the cinematic Madrid”.


FILMADRID will have competition sections -Oficial Competions and Avant Garde Competiiton and Passages of Cinema- and sections and activities out of competition –The Spotligth, Vanguardias Live, Academic Programming and two parallel activities opened to the public: an exhibition and a tour around the cinematic Madrid.

Special Projections:

INAUGURATION: Francofonia (Aleksandr Sokurov, 2015) France/Germany/Holland. 87 min.

CLOSURE: 11 minutes (Jerzy Skolimowski, 2015) Poland. 81 min.

Sections to competition

A. Oficial Competition with 16 titles participating:

As a development over the last year the Oficial Competition will now include works of all extensions

  • Amijima (Jorge Suárez-Quiñones, 2016) Spain 54 min. WORLD PREMIERE
  • Casa da Quina (Arya Rothe, 2015) Portugal 8 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • El movimiento (Benjamín Naishtat, 2015) Argentina/South Corea 67 min.
  • John From (João Nicolau, 2015) Portugal 100 min.
  • Las lindas (Melisa Liebenthal, 2016) Argentina 70 min. WORLD PREMIERE
  • Le Park (Randa Maroufi, 2015) Morocco/France 14 min.
  • Mother (Vlado Skafar, 2016) Slovenia/Italy 90 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Nausea (Zeki Demirkubuz, 2015) Turkey 116 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • O Espelho (Rodrigo Lima, 2015) Brazil 64 min.
  • Roundabout in my head (Hassen Ferhani, 2015) Argelia/France/Quatar/Lebanon/Holland 100 min.
  • Sayonara (Koji Fukada, 2015) Japón 112 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Short Stay (Ted Fendt, 2016) EEUU. 61 min. PREMIER IN SPAIN
  • The Day Before The End (Lav Diaz, 2016) Philippines 14 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • The Digger (Ali Cherri, 2015) Líbano/Emiratos Árabes Unidos/Francia 24 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • The Ebb of Forgetting (Liryc Dela Cruz, 2015) Philippines 14 min.
  • The Event (Sergei Loznitsa, 2015) Holland/Belgium 74 min.
  • The Fourth Direction (Gurvinder Singh, 2015) India/France 115 min.
  • The Name of the Whale (Fumito Fujikawa, 2015) Japan 91 min. PREMIER IN SPAIN
  • Vita Brevis (Thierry Knauff, 2015) Belgium 39 min.

B. Avant-Garde Competition, with 16 titles.

FILMADRID section dedicated to experimental cinema.

  • Espectro cromático (Albert Alcoz, 2016) Spain. 3 min. WORLD PREMIERE
  • Fish Point (Pablo Mazzolo, 2015) Argentina. 7 min.
  • Harbour City (Simon Liu, 2015) Hong Kong/U.K. 14 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Ice (Robert Todd, 2015) USA 9 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Le Moulin (Huang Ya-li, 2015) Taiwan. 162 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Los (De)pendientes (Sebastian Wiedemann, 2016) Argentina. 24 min. WORLD PREMIERE
  • Meurtrière (Philippe Grandrieux, 2015) France. 60 min.
  • Noite Sem Distância (Lois Patiño, 2015) Portugal/Spain. 23 min.
  • Remembering the Pentagons (Azadeh Navai, 2015) Iran/ USA. 23 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Rod Zegwi dan Pikan (Azim Moollan, 2015) Republic of Mauricio. 4 min.
  • Santa Teresa y otras historias (Nelson De Los Santos Arias, 2015) Mexico. 65 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Solitary Acts 4,5,6 (Nazli Dinçel, 2015) Turkey/USA. 25 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Something Between Us (Jodie Mack, 2015) USA. 10 min.
  • Something Horizontal (Blake Williams, 2015) Canada 9 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Vivir para vivir (Laida Lertxundi, 2015) Spain/USA. 10 min. PREMIERE IN SPAIN
  • Cinéma concret (Takashi Makino, 2016) Japan 26 min. [Out of compettion] PREMIERE IN SPAIN

Sections out of competition

A. The Spotligth:

The Spotligth section, devouted to internationally relevant filmmakers whose works remain unknown in Madrid, will have the Brazilian Júlio Bressane, the Italian Pietro Marcelo and the Belgian Boris Lehman as protagonists this year. It will be a unique chance to dive deeply into this artist’s productions, since they are three of the most important creators of our time.

Spotligth on Júlio Bressane

  • Matou a Família e Foi ao Cinema (1969) 78 min.
  • Tabu (1982) 79 min.
  • Sermões – A História de Antônio Vieira (1989) 78 min.
  • Dias de Nietzsche em Turim (2001) 85 min.
  • Cleópatra (2007) 116 min.
  • A Erva do Rato (2008) 91 min.
  • Educação sentimental (2013) 84 min.
  • Garoto (2015) 76 min.

Spotligth on Pietro Marcello

  • Il passaggio della linea (2007) 57 min.
  • La bocca del lupo (2009) 68 min.
  • Il silenzio di Pelešjan (2011) 52 min.
  • Bella e perduta (2015) 87 min.

Spotligth on Boris Lehman

  • Portrait du peintre dans son atelier (1985) 39 min.
  • Muet comme une carpe (1987) 38 min.
  • A comme Adrienne (2000) 115 min.
  • La Dernière s(cène)(1995-2003) 14 min.
  • Un peintre sous surveillance (2005-2008) 36 min.
  • Histoire de mes cheveux (2003-2010) 90 min.
  • Choses qui me rattachent aux êtres (2010) 15 min.
  • Before the Beginning (co-directed with Stephen Dwoskin, 2015) 70 min.

B. Section Passages of Cinema:

Eager as we are to impulse our national filmmakers, FILMADRID borrows the name from the association that was the origin of the festival to create a programme that gives space to young names of the national cinema that fluctuate between fiction, documentaries and video art, and whose films are breaking through the Spanish cinema. This section is composed of the following works that compete for the ECAM Award.

  • Campanya (Andrés Alonso, Catarina Brites Soares, Alejandro Cabrera, Lara Curto y Damián Depetris, 2016) 20 min.
  • Freedom to Kill the Other’s Children (David Varela, 2016) 31 min.
  • Jan Peeters (Miguel López Beraza, 2016) 7 min.
  • La ciudad del trabajo (Guillermo G. Peydró, 2015) 61 min.
  • Listen to Me (Carla Andrade, 2016) 7 min.
  • No Cow on the Ice (Eloy Domínguez Serén, 2015) 65 min.
  • Rey (Alonso Valbuena, 2016) 12 min.
  • Saldremos de la crisis (Silvia Rey, 2016) 2 min.
  • Tout le monde aime le bord de la mer (Keina Espiñeira, 2016) 18 min.


C. Vanguardias Live:

One of FILMADRID’s newest activities, that allows the festival not to be limited to the projection rooms. Parallel to the exhibition of films, cinema will be brought to diferent places of Madrid in the shape of performances. This year FILMADRID extends its section Vanguardias Live to four participants, all of international prestige, who will present shows specially created for the ocasión inside a section that is unique among all the film festivals. In this ocasión, the chosen artists are the Spanish Javier Rebollo, who will count with the participation of collagist and designer Dani Sanchis, Lluís Miñarro in colaboration with artist Pol Aregall, Luis López Carrasco with two actors form the Artes Verbénicas company, and Japanese Takashi Makino.

D. Special Projections

Out of the competitions, FILMADRID will project the latest films by three master filmmakers. Apart from the latest works of the Americans Thom Andersen and Frederick Wiseman, the festival will pay tribute to Chantal Akerman, one of the essential creators of the latest decades, who passed away last year, with the projection of her last film, No Home Movie.

  • In Jackson Heights (Frederick Wiseman, 2015) 190 min.
  • No Home Movie (Chantal Akerman, 2015) Belgium/France. 115 min.
  • The Thoughts That Once We Had (Thom Andersen, 2015) USA. 108 min.


Photogram of No Home Movie (Chantal Akerman, 2015)

E. Academic Programme:

  • Course “Jonathan Rosenbaum’s Personal Journey Through the History of Film”

The world famous american critic Jonathan Rosenbaum will teach a course in Spain for the first time. His theoretical writings, his efforts to make the international cinema visible in the United States and his talent to program have made Rosenbaum an indispensable referent in the cinematographic scene.

  • Cinema students or anyone interested on the Seventh Art will be able to attend to different encounters with filmmakers, whose films will be projected in the festival. This will take place every festival day in the mornings at the Ocho y Medio library.
  • 100% Organic Cinema. A workshop on analogic cinema, organiced in cooperation with La casa Encendida, will be imparted by some directors who are part of the Filmadrid programme, such as Albert Alcoz, Miguel Aparicio, Takashi Makino and Rei Hayama.

F. Exhibition: Iconic Nightmares.

On its second edition, FILMADRID expands its gaze towards the art’s world with the exhibition Iconic Nigthmares, curated by the festival team. The exhibition will reunite the audiovisual works of five artists, whose common link is the trace left by Spanish figures that held the power in Spain, or in territories that were once Spanish colonies

Monarchs, rulers, invaders… all of them generated and impulsed an imaginary of a strong personal burden, often with authoritary features, that still lingers today. The history of art, the photograpy and television archives, but also, the public spaces themselves and deep cultural features, still retain the image and personality of this figures. From Peru to Mexico and the Philippines, obviously passing through Spain, the aim of this exhibition is to offer a personal path, marked by the artistic concerns of each of the invited artists for this iconographic relics.

All the works all new, and most of them have been created specifically for this exhibition. The invited artists are Lyric De La Cruz (Philippines), Robinson Díaz (Peru), Luis E. Parés (Spain), The Weigthtless (Mexico) and Pablo Useros (Spain).

The exhibition, that will be inaugurated on June 1st, will last until June 12th, and will take place on The Neomudéjar ( Antonio Nebrija, Street no number, 28007 Madrid).

G. Cinephile Tour around Madrid.

Finally, on the morning on June 4th there will be a Cinephile route around the city of Madrid The participants will discover and walk around some the city spaces where classic and contemporaneous Spanish films were shot.



  • Official Competition Award
  • Avant-Garde Competition Award
  • Days of Cinema Award (Official Competition), whose jury is composed by the directive team of the TV programme that celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year
  • Young Jury Award (Official Competition) composed by three cinema students under 28
  • CAMIRA Award (Avant-Garde Competition), composed by three criticts from the Cinema and Moving Image Research Assembly
  • ECAM Award (Passages of Cinema section), composed by a young jury of ECAM (Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid) Documentary Cinema students



The FILMADRID 2016 progamme will be delivered again in the different headquarters. The Paz Cinema, oficial headquearter, will be the center of most of the projections. FILMADRID will also be present Cinema Doré- Spanish Flimotheque, La Casa Encendida, el Queen Sophía Museum, the cinemas Conde Duque Alberto Aguilera, the 8y1/2 library, The Student’s Residence CLARAVAL and the Museo C.A.V La Neomudéjar.



On this 2016 edition, FILMADRID is counting on the support of Programa de Internacionalización de la Cultura Española (PICE) (Programme for the Internationalization of the Spanish culture) de Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) (Spanish Cultural Action) as visitors, of the ECAM (Madrid’s School of Audiovisual and Cinematography), el Queen Sophía Museum and Center of Art​, the Spanish Filmotheque​, L​a Casa Encendida, The Student Housing Company the Spanish-Brazilian Cultural Fundation the Italian Institute of Culture of Madrid and the Belgian Embassy in Spain.

Besides that, it also counts on the following collaborators: Caimán Cinema Notebooks, Other Cinemas Europe, Room 1, Radio 3 ​and its programme The Seventh Vice,​and the TVE (Spain National TV) Days of Cinema, ​that is celebrating its 25th anniversary

FILMADRID also has the support from the following companies that collaborate in the festival’s development. They are Iberia, Good Company, Recco, EXIT, Respiro, Nikola and Cálamo&Cran.

More information and interviews:

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FILMADRID, International Film Festival, impulsed by Passages of Cinema, is created with the aim to turn Madrid into a world referent for independent cinema. It’s about having a space to bring the cinematographic culture to the public of the capital, a space that will also increase the number of cinema lovers in the city. It is an anual festival, that will be celebrated every year on the first fortnigth of June.