Filmadrid 2017 News: Jonas Mekas’ exhibition and crowdfunding open until 7th May

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Filmadrid 2017 News: Jonas Mekas’ exhibition and crowdfunding open until 7th May

  • An extensive exhibition of Jonas Mekas’ work will be held at the Museo C.A.V. La Neomudéjar with pieces never seen before in Spain.
  • The exhibition will include unseen graphic and audiovisual works by the great living icon of the North American experimental cinema. 

Madrid, 8th April 2017
– The team of FILMADRID International Film Festival continues with the arrangements for its third edition which will be held from 8th to 17th June in Madrid.

The organization announces now an exhibition around the figure of the artist Jonas Mekas, filmmaker, writer, poet and co-founder of Anthology Film Archives in New York and great living icon of North American experimental cinema.It will be held at the Museo C.A.V. La Neomudejar and will include graphic and audiovisual works by the author. In addition to the screenings of selected pieces, it will consist in a daily screening of the initiative 365 Day Project. This initiative was conducted by the author in collaboration with Apple, and consists in a daily short film between 1 and 20 minutes of length. Every day of the festival,the audience will watch a whole month of these short films by Jonas Mekas.

This activity is conducted in collaboration with the Argentinean publishing house Caja Negra Editora, which will publish this 2017 the first edition in Spanish of ‘Scrapbook of the Sixties: Writings 1954 – 2010’, with known but unpublished texts of Jonas Mekas. This book will be presented during the festival and we will be a talk about the texts in the context of the exhibition.

Crowdfunding for this (the third one) edition of FILMADRID

Despite the festival has nowadays more and more supports and, with the effort of past years, it has gained the recognition and trust of both public and institutions, currently the festival does not have enough resources to face the festival this year. It needs the economic support from anonymous sponsors to make this third edition shine as bright as the last two ones. That is why this crowdfunding has been enabled in Verkami which will cover part of the budget of the festival. Contributions can be made (from 15€ to 1.500€) through the following link until the 7th of May.

The festival invites to donate and spread the crowdfunding to everyone who wants to collaborate.  Also we invite you to see this video to encourage the small sponsors:

These news come now to join others that the festival has been announcing in recent weeks, such as the course by Laura Mulvey, an essential figure in feminist theory in cinema, will be held in collaboration with the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Other information that has been announced about the III edition of the festival is that the prestigious platform MUBI will be in charge of the online service of FILMADRID, with a new section dedicated to Video Essays. The selected works will be shown throughout the festival as individual posts in NOTEBOOK, the daily publication of MUBI. They will be also exhibited in a free screening during the festival. Only Video Essays that have not been exhibited neither on internet nor in cinemas can participate. The length of the video is free and the call is open until 20th April. Send your Video Essay to

Nuria Cubas and Fernando Vilchez, directors of FILMADRID, declare: “The III edition of FILMADRID comes with new risks to bring cinema in its wide stspectrum to the city of Madrid. The presence of Laura Mulvey or the exhibition of Jonas Mekas in the city are initiatives that we are launching with much effort that comes from whole team of people who are working with tons of illusion. In order to complete the budget for this year and develop all the programming in the best possible way, we ask you for your help in the crowdfunding in Verkami. We encourage all lovers of cinema and culture. We promise that the rewards and having the opportunity to live the activities that we are organizing will make your contribution to FILMADRID worthwhile.”

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