American filmmaker Dan Sallitt and contemporary Brazilian cinema, the first two focuses of V FILMADRID

  • FILMADRID will dedicate a complete retrospective, the first in Spain, to Dan Sallitt, authentic icon of American indie cinema and he will visit the festival.
  • As a thematic focus, the festival proposes a rebellious and diverse look on the best Brazilian cinema of today.
  • This is the first announcement of the festival’s programme, which will be held from June 6 to 15.

focos horizontal

FILMADRID International Film Festival announces its first two Focos, a section devoted to cinemas and filmmakers of great international relevance but practically unseen in Madrid.


Considered a modern master by international critics, Dan Sallitt is one of the most prestigious American authors of current independent cinema. His career started as a film critic at Los Angeles Reader, and then it continued with an extensive and peculiar journey as a film director making five feature films in thirty-three years: All of them will be screened in FILMADRID. The cycle will be held by Filmoteca Española.

In front of the American grandiloquent cinema, his films radiate modesty, humor and subtle winks to the European cinema of Eric Rohmer, Ingmar Bergman or Maurice Pialat. Dan Sallitt will visit FILMADRID to present for the first time in Spain his complete filmography, including his debut Polly Perverse Strikes Again! (1986), which has never been seen outside the United States, and the special screening of Honeymoon (1998) in a 16mm copy.

Polly Perverse Strikes Again! (1986) 98’ International Premiere
Honeymoon (1998) 90’
All the Ships at Sea (2004) 64’
The Unspeakable Act (2012) 91’
Fourteen (2019) 94’

Fourteen (2019)



Historically, Brazilian cinema has experienced stages of extraordinary creative growth when the political and social climate became oppressive. This paradigm remains strong at present: a new batch of young directors is reformulating and injecting with unusual energy the eternal eccentric, rebellious and fascinating spirit that has marked the Brazilian cinematography. Seven visionary films, rapturously full of life and critical of reality will be part of this cycle.

In this cycle there are names already known to the public of the festival -such as Júlio Bressane, to which FILMADRID dedicated a retrospective in 2016- and also new talents such as Bruna Carvalho Almeida, with her debut feature Os Jovens Baumann, or the screenwriter Marcela Ilha Bordin, with her first short film, Princess Morta do Jacuí. All the titles are premiere in Madrid and will be screen at La Casa Encendida.

Sedução da Carne (Julio Bressane) 70 ‘
Calypso (Rodrigo Lima and Lucas Parente) 60 ‘International Premiere
Bring Me the Head of Carmen M. (Felipe Bragança, Catarina Wallenstein) 61 ‘
The Ragged Figure (Mariana Shellard), 89 ‘World Premiere
Princess Morta do Jacuí (Marcela Bordin), 17 ‘
Sol Alegría (Tavinho Teixeira) 90 ‘
Os Jovens Baumann (Bruna Carvalho Almeida), 70 ‘

Bring Me The Head Of Carmen M. (2019)