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Manuela de Laborde

Through an abstraction process, the Mexican Manuela de Laborde face the spectator with the corporeality of what’s filmed with the purpose of dissociate reality and model. This reinterpretation of the act of contemplate uses the juxtaposition of microcosmic images in…

México, 2016, 24min.

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Ride Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder Imagen

Ride Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder

Fern Silva

History’s hand falls on the minimum stories of the community that lives at the shore of Hudson River. About those short stories that last less then a twilight, but which Fern Silva’s camera catches looking for beauty of tiny things.…

Estados Unidos, 2017, 9min.

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Montañas ardientes que vomitan fuego Imagen

Montañas ardientes que vomitan fuego

Samuel M. Delgado, Helena Girón

Cinema can also be a volcano. Someone seems to be entering in the unknown, like if he wanted to explore the world for the first time. Then, a figurative travel begins through the insides of the Earth, an adventure to…

España, 2016, 14min.

On Generation and Corruption Imagen

On Generation and Corruption

Takashi Makino

Borrowing its title from a treatise by Aristotle, the latest film by Takashi Makino is an abstract work that finds its drive in the clash between light and darkness. Entirely composed of superimposed images of Tokyo’s landscape, the film takes…

Japón, 2017, 26min.

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Rapa das Bestas Imagen

Rapa das Bestas

Jaione Camborda

Camborda’s films are anatomical, hectic, where animals and human beings are pushed to touch each other, to play around among them, to fight frantically. That is what happens in Rapa das Bestas. Ten minutes are enough for this Galician filmmaker…

España, 2017, 9min.

Entzungor Imagen


Ander Parody (en colaboración con Pablo Maravi)

Ziripot is a storyteller of the Basque popular tradition to whom no one is listening to. Exiled in the Burgos ferragosto, he wanders back and forth, unable to settle in, unable to express himself. It is neither time nor country…

España,, 2017, 78min.

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Broken Tongue Imagen

Broken Tongue

Mónica Savirón

A cinematic performance that is powerful and hypnotic in equal measure. Poet Tracie Morris repeats the same sentence over and over again until she pulls it apart, thus mixing up every possible meaning. Even though it may seem impossible, a…

Estados Unidos, 2013, 3min.

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Answer Print Imagen

Answer Print

Mónica Savirón

When a filmmaker reaches the final version of a work, the lab presents him or her with a first copy printed in film. That is the ‘Answer Print’. A first test. A draft. A short-lived copy, like this film, made…

Estados Unidos, 2016, 5min.

Highview Imagen


Simon Liu

In talented Simon Liu’s hands, defective celluloid rolls turn in to a well of never-ending and harmonious lies. A place is every place. Our memories are captured in the frames but, in the end, the breath of life is there…

Hong Kong/Reino Unido/Estados Unidos, 2017, 20min.

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Untitled, 1925 Imagen

Untitled, 1925

Madi Piller

Peruvian filmmaker Madi Piller returns to the grounds her grandfather trod on, a traveller that left the West behind to penetrate into the depths of Peru. That search leads to a visual representation that is close to the ethnographic style…

Perú/Canadá, 2016, 9min.

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Ten Mornings Ten Evenings and One Horizon Imagen

Ten Mornings Ten Evenings and One Horizon

Tomonari Nishikawa

For ten sunrises and ten sunsets, Nishikawa filmed the bridges that join the banks of Yahagi River in Japan. Using masking techniques and several exposure rounds, the filmmaker allows us to witness time gradation in every frame, as if celluloid…

Japón, 2016, 10min.

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Shape of a Surface Imagen

Shape of a Surface

Nazli Dinçel

With her proverbial simplicity, Nazlı Dinçel creates a conciliatory experience in which present and past, skin and stone, on and off-screen live side by side as naturally as the superimposed vestiges of different religions (pagan, Christian and Muslim) in the…

Turquía, 2017, 9min.

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025 Sunset Red

Laida Lertxundi

Red: the colour of twilight (or of an optical filter), of the communist flag that Laida Lertxundi´s father raised (utopia’s fervour), of blood (the weight of legacy), but also the tone that hints at the photographic processing, in which a…

Estados Unidos/España, 2016, 14min.

Rubber Coated Steel Imagen 1

Rubber Coated Steel

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

In order to fully understand Abu Hamdan’s interest in making this film, it is important to know that his work is made up, among other materials, of sound-based forensic analysis. Drawing from a prior investigation of the murder committed by…

Líbano/Alemania, 2017, 21min.

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Rudzienko Imagen


Sharon Lockhart

In 2009, Sharon Lockhart shot in Lodz Podwórka, six urban landscapes set in the characteristic courtyards of the city, spaces colonized by the children and their games. With Rudzienko, Lockhart returns to Poland, but this time she travels to the…

Estados Unidos/Polonia, 2016, 53min.

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Foyer Imagen


Ismaïl Bahri

Bahri captures the impact of the wind on a piece of paper in the streets of Tunisia. We attend to continuous and sudden colour variations, dictated by chance. Theoretically a creation which works on the visual obstacle becames a tremendously…

Túnez-Francia, 2016, 31min.

Fajr Imagen


Lois Patiño

In one of his dreamiest and fascinating pieces, Lois Patiño paints a discourse about the identity through images one could get lost in. The meeting with the other, the singing as form of bonding, the sea connected with the desert…

España/Marruecos, 2017, 12min.

Calypso Imagen


Annalisa D. Quagliata

A room in anyplace of Mexico is Ogigio island, where Calypso, who is in fact a young person with the saddest expression in the world, suffers the loss he can already intuit because it is written. Odiseo, his lover, is…

México/USA, 2016, 5min.

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El Brujo Imagen

El Brujo

Louidgi Beltrame

From Peruvian coasts to Parisian streets, from Jean-Pierre Léaud’s seminal gaze in Los 400 golpes to his aged face. El brujo from Louidgi Beltrame superimposes those two times, those two stories in a cinematographic ritual to bring back to life…

Perú/Francia, 2016, 17min.

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