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Pasajes de Cine



Carmen Rojas Gamarra

Based on something as anti-narrative and common as the Ikea catalogue, Carmen Rojas Gamarra puts together a parodic story about a sentimental breakup illustrated through the objects. The computer-generated voiceover adds a layer of estrangement that allows to see the…

España/Perú, 2016, 5min.

Estreno en españa


Gure Hormek

Maider Fernández Iriarte, María Elorza

Our walls are the stage, the seemingly neutral background on which our lives go by. Our walls are impregnated by memories and experiences that fuse the past and the present together. The memory of a few women fills different spaces…

España, 2016, 15min.

Ir e vir

Ir e vir

Miguel Mariño

Like a swing or the waves of the sea, the film (flow of images) and its format (Super 8 and 16mm) go through cyclical ups and downs. Thanks to a rhythmic spiral in which all the elements of the film…

España, 2016, 10min.

Dos sueños después

Dos sueños después

Pilar Monsell

To leave behind places and affection. To leave behind people and memories. To leave behind time itself. That is the premise of this personal and fragile proposal with a intriguing visual strength that explodes specially at the end. Cinema is…

España, 2017, 17min.



Noé Rodríguez

Ceiba is one of the most characteristic trees of the Caribbean. Noé Rodríguez decides to outline a fragmentary and suggestive biographical sketch of a culture: from its environmental roots (the almost surreal portraits of the natural surroundings) to its most…

España/Canadá, 2016, 28min.

Música para adultos Imagen

Música para adultos

Alberto González Vázquez

In this videoclip, Alberto González Vázquez’s humour reaches glorious levels of lucidity and blends perfectly with the work of the Barcelonian musician Joe Crepúsculo. Música para adultos is an ode to the 21st century. A century that has declared its…

España, 2017, 4min.



Eloy Domínguez Serén

From the cloud of dust, the rust and the abstract, this short film condenses the apocalyptic imaginary of cinema. There is neither dialogue nor anything to hold on to, just a character moving through an industrial necropolis, a cemetery of…

España/Suecia, 2016, 14min.

Europa Mario Sanz


Mario Sanz

Just one shot is what Mario Sanz needs to condense all the realities of that arrogant and conflicting space called Europe. A circular shot that slowly goes across a single space, a refugee camp in its daily commotion. The European…

España, 2017, 23min.

Estreno Mundial



Tono Mejuto

In its first documentary work, Tono Mejuto gathers the investigation carried out by the dancer and choreographer Javier Martín during the process of the creation of La Exforma. In 16mm and in black and white to recall the past, Mejuto…

España, 2016, 11min.

Canto de los estorninos

El canto de los estorninos

Jaime Puertas

At the beginning of El canto de los estorninos, a low-angle shot of the main character, measuring herself in front of the full moon, gives already an idea of Jaime Puertas’s ability to inject tension to the images starting almost…

España, 2016, 29min.

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