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The Last of Us Imagen

The Last of Us

Akher Wahed Fina

Ala Eddine Slim

N is coming from the desert to reach the north of Africa and make an illegal crossing to Europe. He steals a boat and begins his journey, but it soon sinks into the water. From that moment, N embarks in…

Túnez/Qatar/Líbano/Emiratos Árabes Unidos, 2016, 94min.

A minha juventude Imagen

A Minha Juventude

Rita Quelhas

In a shadowy room, in some other time, somewhere in the 60's in Portugal, lives a young 16 year old girl, accompanied by a 1 year old baby– her son, the reason of her confinement. Portugal in the sixties, a…

Portugal, 2016, 27min.

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The Dust Channel Imagen

The Dust Channel

Roee Rosen

An operetta with a Russian libretto set in the domestic environment of a bourgeois Israeli family, whose fear of dirt, dust, or any alien presence in their home takes the shape of a perverted devotion to home-cleaning appliances and of…

Israel, 2016, 23min.

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Vendredi 13 Imagen

Vendredi 13

Nicolas Klotz

Two days after the November 13th 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, Michka Assayas’s weekly radio program on rock ‘n’ roll is haunted by this mass murder. November 13, 2015. A night of rage, insanity and pain. A night when Paris…

Francia, 2016, 48min.

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Beduino 3


Júlio Bressane

A curious couple, playwrights of their own existence where art arises accompanied by a singular metaphysical desire. They search for it through repeated and varied representations, in a setting of light where hope and desperation mix together. In order to…

Brasil, 2016, 75min.

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happy happy Baby

Happy Happy Baby

Jan Soldat

A short film about the longing of being a child again. Cuddling, playing, getting the bottle and listening to good night stories. Sven (23), Mike (33) and Thomas (62) are adult-babys. No fetish, but a way of life. The young…

Alemania, 2017, 20min.

Hermia & Helena Imagen

Hermia & Helena

Matías Piñeiro

Camila, a young theater director, travels from Buenos Aires to New York to attend an artistic residency to develop a Spanish translation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Upon her arrival, she begins to receive a series of mysterious postcards.…

Estados Unidos / Argentina, 2016, 87min.

The Sun, the Sun Blinded Me Imagen

The Sun, the Sun Blinded Me

Słońce, słońce oślepiło mnie

Anka Sasnal, Wilhelm Sasnal

Rafał Mularz is a stranger in his own society who creates a daily routine and a lifestyle that protects him from the outside world. His method seems to work fine until he is confronted with another stranger: an immigrant. Rafał…

Polonia / Suiza, 2016, 74min.

Antiporno Imagen



Sion Sono

Kyoko is a young and multifaceted artist. She shuts herself in a room painted in bright colors. She carries out her schedule minute by minute with the help of her manager Noriko, who is often sexually humiliated by Kyoko. Suddenly,…

Japón, 2016, 78min.

Children Are Not Afraid of Death

Children Are Not Afraid of Death, Children Are Afraid of Ghosts

Haizi bu jupa siwang, danshi jupa mogui

Rong Guang Rong

Four brothers and sisters, aged five to fourteen, collectively committed suicide by drinking pesticide: what could drive children to such an act of desperation? In 2015, shortly after this horrific event, Rong Guang Rong travelled to the village where the…

China, 2017, 85min.

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António um dois três Imagen

António um dois três

Leonardo Mouramateus

In romantic Lisbon, twenty-something António goes in search of loves lost and new and a goal in life, all in one mad dash. “It was a wonderful night, such a night as is only possible when we are young, dear…

Portugal/Brasil, 2017, 95min.

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Zeki Demirkubuz

When her husband Cemal is arrested in Romania, Emine is left alone with their child who needs immediate surgery. She takes a job at a garment workshop where she comes across Ziya, her husband´s former boss. He can´t stay indifferent…

Turquía/Alemania, 2016, 115min.

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María Cañas

The Universal Exposition of Seville that took place in 1992 is the starting point of this particular analysis (a «videoguerrilla» as fierce as funny) of the cultural deformations produced by globalization and the clash of civilizations. It’s difficult to determinate…

España, 2017, 40min.

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Casa Roshell Imagen

Casa Roshell

Camila José Donoso

Roshell (51) and Liliana (43) run together Casa Roshell. As an utopic spot, this place is a hideout for those men that live repressed in their desires of feminization and transvestism. A small room with a stage receives their guests…

México/Chile, 2017, 71min.

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Nuevo Altar1

Nuevo altar

Velasco Broca

A parish without a priest. Someone else temporarily takes charge of the herd. He faces the Devil or something worse. The battle between Good and Evil is taking place in a church of a town in Navarra. The fight is…

España, 2017, 23min.

Afternoon Clouds Imagen

Afternoon Clouds

Dopahar ke baadal

Payal Kapadia

Kaki is a 70 year old widow who lives with her Nepali maid Malti in Bombay. The film takes place on one afternoon in their house where a flower blossoms in the balcony. Malti meets a sailor from her hometown…

India, 2016, 13min.

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Jan Soldat

Three men talking about their longing of being slaughtered and eaten. The characters that usually sit in front of Jan Soldat’s camera always have complex and extraordinary emotions, they are beings that walk on the edges of the socially acceptable…

Alemania, 2017, 20min.

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Caroline Deruas

Axèle is a photographer, Camille is a writer. They meet when they are both awarded a year’s residency at the Villa Medici in Rome. Camille is accompanied by her husband, an acclaimed author. When their marriage becomes curiously competitive, Camille…

Francia, 2016, 98min.


Stand-by Office

Randa Maroufi

As an inventory of everyday office work gestures, we see among others a receptionist on the phone, a man in his office sorting files, a work meeting … Gradually unusual new situations occur and change our relationship to this common…

Francia, 2017, 13min.

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Sakhisona Imagen


Prantik Basu

Near Mogulmari in the south of West-Bengal in India lies a mountain known locally as Sakhisona. The stories about it are still sung by local musicians. A dig nearby recently uncovered the remains of a monastery as well as 6th-century…

India, 2017, 26min.

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The Impossible Picture Imagen

The Impossible Picture

Das unmögliche Bild

Sandra Wollner

We are witnesses of the everyday life of a Viennese family in the 1950’s, through the lens of 13-year- old Johanna’s 8mm camera. The gaze on a certain reality will suddenly become a meditation on what is hidden by that…

Alemania, 2016, 70min.

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