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LATEST NEWS in FILMADRID 2016: Júlio Bressane, Pietro Marcello and Boris Lehman retrospective’s in the “Focos” section, and a new edition of Vanguardias Live, expanded to four filmmakers


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Júlio Bressane, Pietro Marcello and Boris Lehman retrospective’s in the “Focos” section, and a new edition of Vanguardias Live, expanded to four filmmakers 

  • FILMADRID International Film Festival will pay tribute in “Focos” to these three contemporary filmmakers with the screening of a large part of their production.
  • Vanguardias Live, section that mixes film and performance, will include shows by Javier Rebollo, Lluís Miñarro , Luis López Carrasco and Takashi Makino.

Madrid, 22 April 2016.- In its second edition, FILMADRID, International Film Festival will keep introducing essential figures of contemporary cinema to the Spanish audience. The organization announces the names of the protagonists of two sections: Focos and Vanguardias Live. The first will pay tribute to Júlio Bressane, Pietro Marcello and Boris Lehman with the screening of several of their films. Vanguardias Live increases the number of participants to four, with the contributions of Javier Rebollo, Lluís Miñarro, Luis López Carrasco and Takashi Makino


Focos, a section dedicated to great international filmmakers whose films remain largely unknown in Madrid, will feature this year the Brazilian Júlio Bressane, the Italian Pietro Marcello, and the Belgian Boris Lehman. It will be a unique opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of these filmmakers production, three of the most important artists of our time. The retrospective on Bressane, leader of Brazilian Cinema Marginal, will show much of his work through its various stages. In the context of this tribute, the first one dedicated to the filmmaker in our country, FILMADRID will hold the Spanish premiere of Garoto (2015), his latest film, a romantic and spiritual adventure inspired by Jorge Luis Borges' The Disinterested Killer Bill Harrigan. The retrospective is presented with the collaboration of the Fundación Cultural Hispano Brasileña.  Pietro Marcello, one of the great revelations of contemporary European cinema, will have within FILMADRID the first retrospective dedicated to his work in our country. The retrospective is presented with the collaboration of the Instituto Italiano de Cultura de Madrid. The retrospective dedicated to the master of the experimental cinema Boris Lehman, will present a wide selection of films dedicated to the individual and collective portrait. FILMADRID has the support of the Embassy of Belgium to carry out this retrospective.  For Nuria Cubas and Fernando Vílchez, directors of FILMADRID, the three retrospectives show a significant improvement in comparison with the first edition of the festival: "Last year we presented two wonderful “focos”, dedicated to the Filipino Lav Diaz and the German Jan Soldat. For our new edition we open our frame even more and continue our commitment towards internationally renowned filmmakers that are not well-known in Spain ".  According to Javier H. Estrada, the festival’s head of programming, Bressane, Marcello and Lehman are three key figures in contemporary cinema: "We are talking about one of the greatest geniuses of Latin American cinema, the most dazzling revelation that Italy has given in recent decades, and an undisputed master of experimental cinema".  (More information about the filmmakers at the end of the press release)



This year FILMADRID expands the Vanguardias Live section to four participants, all internationally renowned filmmakers who will be presenting shows created especially for the occasion in a unique section within the festival scene. On this occasion, the chosen directors are the Spanish Javier Rebollo, Lluís Miñarro, Luis Lopez Carrasco, and the Japanese Takashi Makino.  Vanguardias Live is the FILMADRID section which links the audiovisual medium with the live experience. Four filmmakers have been invited to create a work that mixes their film interests with the unique nature of a performance, considering the requirement of creating something they have not done before. Thus, each session of Vanguardias Live is a challenge for the filmmakers, but also for the festival itself. Those works have been developed over the months and the result will be unveiled the day of the live presentation. It is a unique experience that mixes film with other arts, with the intention of generating new content and new sensations.  Nuria Cubas, Fernando Vilchez and Javier H. Estrada, directors and programmer of FILMADRID respectively, say: "We are very excited about the Vanguardias Live section. Last year, thanks to the magnificent contributions of Salome Lamas, Lois Patiño and Juan Barrero, we achieved the goal of bringing the cinema to the streets, involving a wider audience who not only attended the shows, but also participated in them. In this new edition we remain committed to Spanish filmmakers. Luis Lopez Carrasco, Lluís Miñarro and Javier Rebollo are thrilled with the challenge of creating a Vanguardias Live. For us it is also very important the presence of an international filmmaker as prestigious as the Japanese Takashi Makino. He is one of the most significant figures of contemporary experimental cinema. We are convinced that the Vanguardias Live of FILMADRID 2016 will generate unforgettable performances. "  (More information on interventions at the end of the press release)



Júlio Bressane, Brazilian eccentricity

Júlio Bressane (Rio de Janeiro, 1946) has one of the most shocking and provocative trajectories in Latin American cinema. Each of his films proposes an eccentric and carnal view of the world. Bressane became the leading exponent of marginal cinema, a movement that rebelled against the Cinema Novo of Glauber Rocha and Nelson Pereira dos Santos. His sharp and ironic look on Brazilian society of the late 60s was evident in the great Matou a Familia e Foi ao Cinema (1969), a delirious collection of crime stories in which we can see the influence of both the film noir and the American musical comedy. Since then, his works maintain a defiant attitude in thematic and formal terms. Some of his films are unique portraits of famous historical figures. In Sermões: A História de Antônio Vieira (1989), Bressane enquire about the illustrious Portuguese missionary who fought for the rights of Brazilian Indians throughout the seventeenth century. Dias de Nietzsche em Turim (2001) focused on the period of greatest creative activity of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, while Cleópatra (2007) recreated with a passionate and unusual approach the experiences of the Queen of Egypt.  FILMADRID show an extensive selection of Bressane’s work, covering the different stages of his career. An important highlight will be the Spainish premiere of Garoto (2015), his latest film, a romantic and spiritual adventure inspired on El asesino desinteresado Bill Harrigan by Jorge Luis Borges. Essential reference for the new generation of independent Brazilian filmmakers, Júlio Bressane is the creator of one of the most personal and iconoclastic filmographies of Latin America.


Pietro Marcello, the people’s poet

The success of Bella e Perduta in the 2015 Locarno film festival, established Pietro Marcello (Caserta, 1976) as one of the greatest European filmmakers of our time. His style is deeply poetic but never detached from reality. Il passaggio della linea (2007), his directorial debut, premiered at the Venice Film Festival, crossed Italy from North to South by a long train journey. The film became a deep study of the landscape and the people of the transalpine country. La bocca del lupo (2009), which won the best documentary prize at the David di Donatello awards, showed an intense love story between a Sicilian immigrant and his partner, a transvestite who spent a decade waiting for his release from prison. La Bocca del Lupo broke the barriers between documentary and fiction, a trend to be amplified in Bella e Perduta, a film of legendary lyricism which integrated the fantastic and the influence of nature. The recovery of a popular myth serves the filmmaker to warn about the ethical decline of contemporary Italy. Heir of masters such as Pier Paolo Pasolini or Artavazd Pelešjan, Marcello constructs a film of universal values, giving equal significance to animals and people. The “Foco” of FILMADRID will be the first retrospective dedicated to this Italian filmmaker in Spain.

Boris Lehman, master of the experimental portrait

For the Belgian master Boris Lehman (1944), friendship is a fundamental element of film creation. Usually shot in 16 mm, his films are intimate portraits of his environment and his loved ones. Since his beginnings in the early 60s, Lehman has produced a deeply autobiographical cinema, a constant search of himself in which the author ends up assuming the mythical figure of the wandering Jew. The passage of time is a key subject of his films, as evidenced Portrait du Peintre dans son atelier (1985) and Un peintre sous surveillance (2009), two separate portraits of the painter Arie Mandelbaum, made more than twenty years apart. By this time span Lehman reflects on the immortality of friendship and art. The same idea appears in Before the Beginning (2015), a film co-directed by the now deceased Stephen Dwoskin, a hymn to the creative brotherhood and the importance of empathy. Lehman expressed his conception of existence with the phrase: "I am the sum of all I've received from others." This humanist and generous vision permeates all his films. In this “foco”, FILMADRID will present a wide selection of his films dedicated to the individual and collective portrait.



Javier Rebollo

The title of Javier Rebollo’s intervention is Esto no es una película. Rebollo’s (Madrid, 1969) first feature film was Lo que se de Lola (2006), film that won the Concha de Plata award for the Best Director at the San Sebastian film festival. Then he made Woman Without Piano (2009) and The Dead Man and Being Happy (2013), starring Carmen Machi and Jose Sacristán, respectively, becoming one of the most personal voices of Spanish cinema. For his Vanguardias Live, Rebollo will collaborate with the graphic designer and artist Dani Sanchís.

Lluís Miñarro

Lluís Miñarro will take the streets of the city with his show Madrid, Sinfonía de otra ciudad, conceived by the author as an "action streaming” to be held with the active collaboration of the audience. Cinematographer Pol Aregall will also contribute to the performance. Miñarro (Barcelona, 1949), is the most prestigious producer in Spanish film history. His film company Eddie Saeta, produced films by Manoel de Oliveira, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Naomi Kawase, Lisandro Alonso, Albert Serra, José Luis Guerin and Javier Rebollo, among many others. He won more than 80 international awards, including the Cannes’s Palme d' Or.Eventually he has focused on his career as a filmmaker, directing Familystrip (2009), Blow Horn (2009) and Falling Star (2014).

Luis López Carrasco

Luis López Carrasco also proposes a show on the street, called Han cruzado el cielo centenares de palomas. According to the author, it will be a live performance based on the manipulation of TV archive. Luis López Carrasco (Murcia,1981) is co-founder of the audiovisual collective Los Hijos, dedicated to experimental documentary film. The first feature of the group, Los materiales (2010) won the Jean Vigo Prize for Best Director in Punto de Vista International Film Festival Navarra and the Special Jury Mention in FID Marseille 2010. El Futuro, his first solo feature-length film, was released in the Locarno International Film Festival 2013.

Takashi Makino

Japanese filmmaker Takashi Makino will present a show defined by him as an "sculptural projection” whose title is In the Shadow of the Cinema.

Born in 1978, Makino studied music and lighting design at the atelier of the Brothers Quay in London. Later he devoted himself to the experimental creation, directing dozens of works that have been screened in more than 25 countries. Makino received the Tiger Award for the best short film at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2012 for Generator.


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